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A Commitment to Excellence

Student’s Commitment

I fully commit to excellence in the following ways:

  • I will come to school every day on time, unless my parents/carers inform the school of a valid reason for absence.
  • I will always bring the right books, my planner and equipment needed for every lesson including tutor time.
  • I will always work, think, and behave in the best way I know how, and I will do whatever it takes to enable me and my fellow students to learn. This also means that I will complete all my homework on time; I will ask my teachers if I have a problem with the homework.
  • I will raise my hand and ask questions in class if I do not understand something.
  • I will use my planner properly each day to record homework set and other important information.
  • I will always make myself available to teachers and other school staff upon request, and address any concerns they may have. If I make a mistake, I will tell the truth to school staff and accept responsibility for my actions.
  • I am responsible for my own behaviour, and I will follow the directions of all members of staff.
  • I will accept and follow the school’s behaviour policy.
  • I will always behave so as to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the school. This also means that I will always listen to my peers and members of staff and give everyone my respect.
  • I will behave responsibly when travelling to and from school and when on school visits.
  • I will follow the school dress code.
  • I will follow the school’s anti-bullying policy.
  • I will respect and care for the school environment and the local area.  I will not drop litter or damage property through graffiti or vandalism.
  • I will endeavour to be the best I can be in all aspects of school life.

Failure to adhere to these commitments can cause me to lose privileges and can lead to me undertaking part of my education away from my peers within the school’s inclusion rooms.

Parents’ /Carers’ Commitment

I/We fully commit to helping my child achieve excellence through:

  • supporting the school’s aims, ethos and values.
  • ensuring that my child attends school each day, on time and properly equipped.
  • always helping my child in the best way I know how and I will do whatever it takes for him/her to learn.
  • monitoring my child’s homework and signing the student planner on a weekly basis.
  • Supporting opportunities for homework and providing an appropriate environment for study.
  • making myself available to my child and the school, and address any concerns they may have,  attending parents’ evenings, information meetings and supporting other school events.
  • supporting the school’s behaviour policy, including after school detentions.
  • supporting the school’s dress code.
  • informing the school of issues that may affect my child’s school performance.
  • allowing relevant confidential information to be discussed by appropriate agencies in support programmes for my child.
  • treating staff and students with respect.

I understand that my child must follow the school’s rules and the direction of its staff so as to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals. 

School’s Commitment

We fully commit to help students achieve excellence in the following ways:

  • We will teach in the best way we know how and we will do whatever it takes to enable students to learn.
  • We will make ourselves available to students and parents, and address any concerns they may have.
  • We will promote a safe caring environment.
  • We will protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the school.
  • We will provide a balanced curriculum that meets, wherever possible, the individual needs of the student.
  • We will challenge all students to achieve their highest standard of work and behaviour.
  • We will encourage success and recognise effort and achievement.
  • We will set, assess and monitor homework, providing relevant feedback.
  • We will provide information to parents/carers about their child’s progress, attainment and attendance.
  • We will provide clear information advice and guidance to support future learning choices and career pathways.
  • We will provide extra-curricular and personal development opportunities for all.
  • We will work in partnership with you to enable your child to achieve their potential.
  • We will treat parents/carers and students with courtesy and respect.

If parents/carers feel the school might be failing on any of these commitments they should contact their child’s Head of Year in the first instance.